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Italian Beef Sandwich

WiseGuys serves the best Italian Beefs outside of Chicago hands down. Don't be fooled by local "imposter's" claiming to be Chicago style. WiseGuys utilizes the highest quality Italian beef and gravy (Au Jus) available right out of Chicago. Sure, we could buy local beef and it would certainly cost us much less, but we are out to please the needs of the transplanted Chicagoan's. The Turano Roll is... drum roll... from Chicago too!

Chicago’s #1 sandwich! Seasoned roast beef served on a Torano Roll. Extra meat? Ask to make it "Big". Choose sweet bell peppers and/or hot giardiniera peppers or no peppers at all. Add mozzarella to make it "Cheesey". Have it served dipped - the entire sandwich is dipped into our spicy AuJus or even better, soaked where we let it sit for a bit to soak up extra gravy. You can also have it dry with the AuJus on the side. Low carb options include dropping the bread and serving in a spinach wrap or over a bed of lettuce. You can have it served straight up on a plate too! Add on grilled onions, sport peppers, jalapenos.... if we got it, you can add it!

Above: Italian Beef Sandwich with hot giardiniera peppers lightly wet. Below: Cheesey Italian Beef with sweet bell and hot giardiniera peppers topped with melted mozzarella cheese then soaked.


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Best Cheesesteaks, Italian Beef and Chicago Dogs in Texas.
Better Dog or Sandwich than WiseGuys - Fughhetaboutit!

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