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Chicago Dog with Fries

As anyone who's been to Chicago can tell you, the Chicago Dog is the staple street food of the city. WiseGuys captures the essence of this favorite by using only Vienna Beef dogs with the Vienna poppyseed bun. The green relish is from Chicago as are the sport peppers. Your serach is over, this is the best Chicago Dog in town!

Just don't ever ask for ketchup on a hotdog at any Chicago joint. It is considered bad manners and may get the ringing of the "Bell of Shame" or even worse - get you the boot. You can sneak some on at the table. Just make sure no one is looking.


Chicago Dog - Quarter pound Vienna Beef hot dog on a steamed Vienna Poppyseed bun with green relish, raw onions, fresh tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers, yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt.

Removal/Extra Bizness

Don't like some of the items on your dog? Not a problem. Just let the cashier know. Add extra meat, or veggies.


Here are some great way to make your sandwich unique (some items may cost extra): Never Ketchup!

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