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Delivery Services

WiseGuys have a reputation for knowing how to deliver the goods. We have used many different combinations in the past and have settled on one, UberEats. UberEats has been extremely consistent on getting the food from our store to your location quickly.

How do they do that better than other options? First of all they have cars waiting all around the city ready to go at all times. Second, they provide us with an iPad that rings us when an order is coming in, shows us the order, where its going, who's coming to pick it up including contact information & shows us where they are in real time on a map along with the delivery location. It even counts down how long the driver is expected to arrive and rings us again when the drive has arrived so we know to look for them.


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Click on the links below for the store nearest you to place your order. Note that delivery is only available up to 30 minutes before the stores closing. WiseGuys may also be closed for holidays and acts of nature such as power outages. If for some reason you encounter an issue, please contact UberEats. Not all regular menu items are available for delivery.

San Antonio

Nakoma Delivery


Austin/Round Rock

Starting up UberEats at Round Rock Sunday - Thursday 11-730pm
Friday and Saturday 11-8:30pm

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