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A Chicago Eatery
Italian Beef Sandwich



The Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago are the stuff of legend.

In part, because once you've left the city it can be seemingly impossible to find a restaurant that does the sandwich justice. They're a challenge to anyone attempting to replicate them and deliver on the promise because an ex-Chicago resident likely knows what it's like when it's perfect.

That's where, WiseGuys - A Chicago Eatery, gets it absolutely right.

To hear owner Bill Nychay tell the story of how they defied the odds is a testament to that challenge. Finding a supplier who, at first, thought Bill was crazy for being the only one who wanted to source the same ingredients used in Chicago. It wasn't until Bill had the supplier out so that he could witness Bill explaining to customer after customer why they were sold out that the supplier was shown the light.

And I feel like that's what Bill is doing here in Texas. Showing people the light and spreading the good word of a true Chicago Italian beef sandwich.

Beef is roasted with garlic and Italian herbs until tender, and then sliced thin. The final bit of cooking is finished during a brief bath in gravy made from the beef drippings.

Then the beef gets portioned on to a roll that can stand up to what comes next should you order your sandwich wet...and you should...The entire sandwich is submerged in the flavorful gravy, yet the bread is hearty enough to still hold together.

Finally, sandwiches are topped with sweet roasted peppers, or the hot pepper giardiniera relish.

Giadiniera is a heavenly mixture of hot peppers, veggies like carrot and cauliflower, plus olives, olive oil and garlic. For the life of me I can't understand why it isn't more popular here in Texas where spicy briny flavors are so often celebrated.

The final combination is the perfect blend of messy, spicy, meaty, and herbaceous satsifaction that you thought you couldn't get anywhere outside of Chicago.

WiseGuys is also doing justice to Chicago hot dogs, cheese steaks, burgers, and more. All at very reasonable prices.

They also have a lot of fun. At lunch on Wednesdays right now every 20th customer gets a free sandwich. There's live crooning Chicago music some nights, and full tables of passionate fans watching Bears games during football season.

We can't recommend enough checking out Wiseguys A Chicago Eatery-Round Rock, or San Antonio.



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